Reparenting Your Inner Child

Reparenting your inner child

Reparenting your inner child is essential when it comes to doing inner work, and changing our personality and belief system.

How do you learn?
What is your learning method? Do you know?

I, for instance, am a visual learner, so I do well when I am seeing what I am learning. Provided that I understand, of course. I can’t memorize; I need to understand.

A while ago, my niece had to study for her school exams, and her parents wanted her to use the writing method by making copies of the information.
This was their method of learning. It’s a cultural method too. So, if this happens to be your method, you won’t have much trouble, and you will think that’s the best way for everyone, or rather, that’s the normal way to learn.

She was desperate! Crying and not being able to keep focus for a very long time. Then she asked me for help.
She wanted me to ask her questions about the subject to see if she knew the answers, and when she didn’t, we would talk about it.
She had great results and much less stress!
Her way to learn is auditory.

Of course, you can have a combination of learning methods. I am also an autodidact and action learner.

But no matter what your learning method is, there is one thing that is common among them all: Repetition!

It’s through repetition that the new information sinks in our subconscious mind until it becomes second nature.

Think, how did you learn to read and write? How many repetitions did it take for you to learn?

Now, think about how many of us still suffer from not feeling good enough or not worthy.

On the collective level, most of us grew up in a way or another, in a dysfunctional family. Let that not be an excuse, instead use it to reparent your inner child.
Most people don’t even have the awareness of their energetic patterns; they just react automatically to them.
These patterns run on the family lineage, and it takes:

  1.  A lot of awareness to recognize them.
  2.  Commitment to stop playing them.
  3.  Healing ourselves so we don’t pass them onto the next generation.


Hurt people hurt other people without awareness.

As the current energies change, we are asked more and more to honour who we really are and to let go of who we were told to be.
It takes a lot of spiritual maturity to do this work. It takes a lot of courage to look within and see the wounds of our childhood. To understand that we are no longer those little children and that it is our responsibility now to validate and heal all parts of us that need attention.

We created a workbook to help you shift all lack of love into wholeness. Have a look at it.


2. Reparenting your inner child4. Reparenting your inner child

5. Reparenting your inner child

6. Reparenting Your Inner Child

7. Reparenting Your Inner Child

Reparenting your inner child (2)

Reparenting your inner child



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