Repeat After Me: I AM … Prompt Journal


Repeat After Me: I AM … Prompt Journal is a workbook to help you shifting all lack of love into wholeness.

It takes a lot of courage to look within and see the wounds of our childhood. To understand that we are no longer those little children and that it is our responsibility now to validate and heal all parts of us that need attention.

Re-parent your inner child by letting him/her play with this workbook time and time again and re-learn her/his true essence and birth rights.

You might also need to do body or breath work in order to release any trauma that is stored in the physical body.

Each page has a prompt. Let your inner child copy the prompt and fill the entire page until the truth about who he/she really is sinks into the unconscious mind and becomes the new belief.

Once you feel that you are good enough and worthy, you will:

  1. Love yourself enough to keep healthy boundaries in place at all times.
  2. Recognize love instead of chasing the lack of it.
  3. Say no to others if that means yes to you.
  4. Operate from a wholeness perspective instead of trying to fulfil other people’s needs in order to avoid filling your own first.
  5. Feel that you deserve all of the above without guilt, shame, or blame.


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