Healing Energetic Patterns

Healing Energetic Patterns


Healing our energetic patterns was never easier than now.

“In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.”

We are living in an amazing time where the energies are changing so much and so fast that we now have access not only to so much free information but also to a multitude of healing choices.

Nowadays, no one is afraid of being burnt at the stake because of their beliefs, so let’s not waste this massive opportunity for healing!

We are born with a clean slate; then we become the product of our environment, taking in the belief system of our parents/caregivers. Their beliefs became our main program until we realized that we’re running on that old program that was imprinted on us.

However, we can’t blame our parents for these programs. If we’re born in that family lineage, it is because we’re carrying the energetic patterns that made us a vibrational match to them in the first place, way before we incarnated or re-incarnated with that family.

And when we become aware of these patterns, we have the responsibility to heal ourselves so we don’t pass them on from generation to generation.

Everything is energy. We are energy.

The reason we all look different is that we are energy arranged and vibrating in different ways. In other words, we are a combination of energetic patterns.

We come to this Earth school planet to learn our lessons; that’s how we grow, expand, and evolve our consciousness. And with each lifetime, we are given the opportunity to play different roles in order to learn different lessons.

In order to play those roles, we need the veil of forgetfulness, and because of it, many times we fail to learn our lessons because we get caught up in our ego and the density of the materialist world.

When we don’t learn a lesson, we have to return with the same energetic pattern to make sure that we try once again to overcome it.

The process of healing an energetic pattern is not as complicated as it looks like if we have awareness of our patterns and use the right tools.

However, the process takes time and a lot of personal responsibility, as we have to stop blaming other people for what happens to us and, instead, use them as mirrors to see the patterns that most can’t see with our physical eyes.

As within, so without. Your external reality will show you your energetic patterns.

The problem is that if we don’t have this awareness, our life will be run by those patterns on autopilot.

The energetic patterns cause us to:

  • Be born in a family and environment with similar patterns.
  • Have triggers: These triggers will cause us to react automatically. It’s when we are able to stop reacting and start responding that we know the pattern is healed. Imagine that the trigger is a button. If you don’t remove the button, anyone can push it, and when they do, you react automatically!
  • Bring soul contracts with people with similar patterns to act as mirrors: This is not funny. For instance, if you have the victim consciousness pattern active, you will have to attract a perpetrator. If you have awareness of these patterns, you can then heal them so you stop feeding the pattern.

How to heal energetic patterns:

Awareness is the first step.

Take inventory of your life and the people around you.

It’s imperative that you analyse your childhood and your parents’/caregivers’ behaviours and beliefs, as they are the key to your subconscious program as well as your energetic patterns.

If you are in a romantic relationship, look closer; your partner has the same patterns as your parents.

But it could also be that your mirror is your boss or your neighbour.

The reason we attract these people is that the patterns are familiar, and the human condition likes and trusts what’s familiar, even if that causes nothing but misery.

We are so adaptable that we will find ways to preserve ourselves until the day we are meant to heal rather than keep running and hiding our wounds.

You can use journaling or automatic writing to stream your memories to gain awareness.

Make the decision to forgive everyone and let go of all resentments because you now know that you are responsible for your patterns. Bless people for showing you what you need to heal. They are just the messengers. We all are.

You can use either hypnotherapy to access your subconscious mind faster or repetition to change the program.

Look for the opposite side of the pattern to guide you. For example:

If you have a poverty mind, you want to align with abundance. It could be that your parents had it, but it also could be that in a past life, you had poverty vows, for instance.

If you have victim consciousness, you want to align with sovereignty. Maybe it expresses itself as domestic abuse, people taking advantage of you all the time, or slavery from a past life (and even this one!).

If you have codependency, you want to align with healthy boundaries.

It might be that you are attracting emotionally unavailable people or have abandonment issues, not feeling good enough, or have the pattern of unworthiness.

In any case, you need to always start aligning with self-love and stop being a victim of anyone and any circumstances.


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