The People In My Life Journal


The People In My Life Journal is a great place to go deeper on the analyses of the people that surround you. We all know that they have an impact on us, in a good and bad way!

When doing that analyse don’t stop in the present relationships as the past ones hold nuggets of gold too!
How many of your beliefs, triggers or inspirations came from those past relationships?
And, of course, when we talk relationships we are not referring only to romantic relationships. Every single person in our lives becomes a relationship, even if for some moments only.

Just as we declutter our spaces, there are times in our lives when we also have to declutter the people that are not serving our evolution and wellbeing.

Is now a good time for an evaluation of the people you surround yourself with?
Is now a good time to see what impact are they causing in your life?

You can add your conclusions to the My Relationships Evaluation Workbook. Pick from the 6 different covers available now.

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