We are a multitude of automatic habits


multitude of automatic habits

We are a multitude of automatic habits.
We only learn how to walk once, then it becomes an automatic habit.
Do anything enough times and it will become an automatic habit. That is because our body stores the memorized actions and emotions.
Now, we can have good or bad habits, which ones do you have?

Have you noticed that you have habits that are similar to the ones from the people around you?

Our environment affects our personality. If we are not aware it can even shape and define us.
We are like computers, we run on programs. Which program do you want to have active? The one someone imprinted on you or the one that you consciously chose?

Take an inventory of your habits and check where did you get them from. Get rid of any that do not serve you.
It takes a new habit to replace the old one. We really need to do the work to change the patterns in our lives.


We are a multitude of automatic habitsmultitude of automatic habits