Walking away From Negative People

Walking away From Negative People_Crystal Divine Alchemy

 Negative people are those who fail to see the bright side of life. Their perception in life is murky and distorted because their hearts and minds are out of sync with divinity. They are hounded by the fears of their own making, and thus over a period of time they have come to identify darkness as their comfort zone against the grotesqueness of their ordeals.

The classic symptoms of vampiric attacks of the negative mindsets are experienced as fatigue, exhaustion, sluggishness, headache, heaviness, and a great deal of restlessness that leaves you irritable, angry, fearful and depressed. Medication can be of little solace here. All you need is a thorough cleansing of your energy field. Call forth the Light to flow in, through and around you, and to consume all impurities that are offensive to your spiritual and physical well-being.

Avoid getting caught up in any kind of controversies with people; it does not matter in the least who or what is right or wrong. Refrain from engaging yourself in useless arguments with people who argue only for the sake of arguing or to prove themselves right, and most of the time the topic of contention is of no import. All this takes a toll on your spiritual health as it drains you completely of your life-force. It is not wise to play a losing game to such juvenile revelers. To get into an altercation with them means to allow them to steal your light.

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One of the veritable evils of society is gossiping. This is an outright contemptuous activity, and far more dangerous than you can ever imagine. Gossiping generates negativity even in the purest of the environments. Words of slander can actually sow seeds of evil into the victim, and create the negative trait in the person, even if he did not have one to start with. These ones who thrill in maligning their brethren are no less than the hard-core criminals. They have no idea how they are inflicting people and the environment with their lethal thoughts and words. At no cost must you implicate yourself in this offensive act. Always live for the highest good for yourself and for others.

Pessimists are typical examples of negativity. They whine and complain about everything under the sun, and have nothing good to talk about. All they need is a sympathetic ear for them to bare their soul, laden with tales of woe. Walk away from the negative mindsets with grace. Do not judge or condemn them for who they are. Observe that their negativity is coming from their wounds, not their souls. At the soul level, we are all one. Therefore, when you condemn your fellow-being you are condemning the divinity in you.

Ultimately, you can’t do anything to help their journey other than be your authentic self and expressing your truth. Which these people won’t take it, making it the best option to walk away from them so you can expand in your journey.

Steven Pressfield said it best when he said that the people close to you like you just the way you are because if you evolve they won’t know you anymore. Watch the video and pay attention around minute 18. You can apply this information in any area of your life, it doesn’t have to be exclusive to your professional life. You can turn a pro in your authenticity, in your soul journey, on your healing path. In which area of your life will you apply it?

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Walking away From Negative People

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