The Fruit of our Wombs: Blooming After the Harvest

The Fruit of our Wombs: Blooming After the Harvest_THE WAVE 2 (2)

Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been. – David Bowie “Once you hit 50, just kiss sex goodbye,” a well-meaning older woman told me last year, one who almost relished passing along what she believed to be true about the female body past a certain age. “Getting … Read more

Living in Full Bloom

This past week and a half, Persephone shook out her hair and covered my corner of the world with blossoms. The crabapple, cherry, and red bud trees accepted Spring’s invitation to the annual dance and donned their finest taffeta. The mornings were a shimmer of fragrant snow, petals catching in the web outside our dining … Read more