Reprogramming your subconscious mind

If you want to create a new awesome and empowering life, you need to start by reprogramming your subconscious mind.

You see, we are born with a clean slate, and during the first seven years, we absorb the habits, behaviour, and beliefs of our caretakers.

An example of this is, if you are born in one country and are taken to and raised in a different one, you will not be conditioned to the culture of the country you were born in. Instead, you will be acting according to the culture you were raised in. Meaning that you are a product of your environment. This is known as epigenetics.

The good news is that you can change, learn new habits, make them your new automatic habits and beliefs by conscious choice rather than by default.

The tricky part is that it takes work, commitment, and consistency. But you are worth it!

Here are some habits that you can start working on straight away to ease your journey:

Take Personal Responsibility

Decide to take full responsibility for your life and to do whatever it takes to change that which you don’t like.


Stop blaming anyone or any circumstances. As you do this, you are giving your power away. Instead, use the awareness of what is not working as a tool to change the situation. This is empowering.


Remember that Mum, Dad, and everyone else are also a product of their environment.
Learn to see people as messengers of your energy. They are just reflecting the energy that you are vibrating. If you are attracting undesirable things, work on yourself to change your energy and see things shifting.
For this reason, have compassion for everyone that comes your way and bless them for showing your energy. Take this opportunity to raise your vibration.


Focus your attention on what you want in order to become it.
Make an honest evaluation of your belief system. Acknowledge where you’ve got it from and make the decision to change it.
We created a workbook that is a great platform for you to deconstruct your beliefs in the different areas of your life.

Once you know what beliefs are stopping you from moving forward and manifesting your dreams, turn them into a positive statement and write it down every day for a period of time until you feel that they are the ones now active.
If you like pretty things that match, we also created a journal where you can record your new beliefs. The reason we like creating these tools is that they remind you of what and why you are doing it. We put intention on our titles and covers.

You can also record yourself and listen to your own voice to change your beliefs. After all, you listen to your thoughts all day long; your brain is already familiar with your own voice. Use it to empower yourself.

P.S Get the blank journal here.

This set makes a beautiful and conscious gift!



Reprogramming your subconscious mind

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