Quantum Manifestations Program Meditation



Quantum Manifestations Program Meditation is a video program developed with the intention to help you raise your vibration and focus on creating your reality one goal at a time.

Sound is frequency. The music on this program was composed with the intention for each segment and it was changed to 432Hz (for the purpose of this program) in order to be harmonious and help you raise your vibration.

Use the Universal Laws in a conscious way to create the life you want

The Universal Law of Mentalism states that the Universe is Mental, that everything starts in the thought form.
Sow a thought, nurture it with your attention, and manifest the result of your creation.

 The Law of Vibration states that everything is energy in motion and all energy vibrates at a certain frequency. Raise your vibration to harvest the finest results.

  The Law of Attraction, a secondary law that responds to the Law of Vibration, states that like energy attracts like energy. You will manifest that which you are vibrating.

Quantum Manifestations Program Meditation comprises the following exercise segments:

  • Open the door to the subconscious mind. Relax your eyes while looking at the screen and expand your awareness by sensing the energy around you.
  • An opening of the heart. Set the intention to open your heart; focus on your heart energy centre and just breathe into it while enjoying the music.
  • Repetition of the first exercise.
  • A moment of gratitude. Raise your vibration with the music of the entire program. Add your genuine gratitude in this exercise to raise your vibration even more.
  • Focus on your goal. Close your eyes for this exercise and bring your goal into reality. Feel it as if it was already manifested. Pretend that you are in that future already; your brain won’t know the difference.

For better results, add the Law of Attraction tools packed in one workbook, the Quantum Manifestations Workbook in addition to the video program.

Use this program from the comfort of your home in your private practice and enjoy the results of your focus.

We suggest that you work on a goal for an entire month; then open yourself to receive and let go and let God. But you can work on the same goal as many times as you wish. The key is to believe that you can manifest it. If you don’t, work on your belief the same way you would a muscle. Build it up!


You can get the workbook in any Amazon store.

Soundtracks, at normal Hz rate, can be purchased separately @ www.autumnembersmusic.com


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2. Quantum Manifestations Program Meditation3. Quantum Manifestations Program Meditation

Connecting to the Quantum Field

Connecting to the Quantum Field

Make meditation your daily practice_

Make meditation your daily practice_

Open Your Heart

Quantum Manifestations Program Meditation

Take time to Create From Within

The New Way To Create Goals Is From Within


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