My Relationships Evaluation Fire Water Cover


Do you feel loved and connected to the people in your life?

Do you feel respected and emotionally fulfilled?

Are your relationships supportive?

Can you express your needs openly or do you walk in eggshells?

This workbook is meant to help you analyse the people around you. Use it to evaluate if your relationships are healthy and satisfying.

  • Who are the people in your life?
  • Are they contributing to your happiness?
  • What vibes do they emit?

Everything starts with awareness. Analyse each person in your life and decide if it’s time to let them go, keep them or create new boundaries.

Do you want a journal to go deeper?


The interior of this book is the same as:

My Relationships Evaluation Emoji Hand Cover   ASIN:  1078453241
My Relationships Evaluation Hands Cover            ASIN: 1079960783
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