Create New Belief System: Healthy Boundaries



Use this free printable workbook to create a new belief system around healthy boundaries.

We are all born with a clean slate. During the first seven years, we absorb the habits, behaviour, and beliefs of our caretakers.
Then we carry them in our unconscious mind as automatic habits and reactions.

It’s our environment that shapes who we are. But we can change our environment and the people that we surround ourselves with.

How wonderful would be if we were the ones choosing, consciously, the belief system that we want instead of having to live with the belief system someone else imprinted on us?

The good news is that we can. We can change, learn new habits, make them our new automatic habits and beliefs.
It only takes reprogramming our subconscious mind through repetition.

If you want to create a new awesome and empowering life, write down every single day, the new belief that you want to replace in your subconscious mind until you see the changes manifesting in your life.


Create New Belief System: Healthy Boundaries


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