Belief System Alchemy Booklet



We provide the printable book, you provide your inner work. Let’s do this?

We all have limiting beliefs that we acquired from others. Now is the time to have a close look at them and transmute all limiting beliefs, that do not allow us to thrive, into unlimited ones.

We create our own reality, how many times have you heard that? Yes, we do. And we can create with the beliefs that we choose or the ones that someone else imprinted on us. It’s our choice because our free will lies in our ability to choose and to focus on our choices.

This is the time to heal. When you heal yourself you contribute to the collective healing.


How To Use This Booklet

On one side write your limiting beliefs, and on the other side write things that prove your limiting belief wrong.

Look at the sheet attached for full explanation


When you download your printable file you will have to check the settings of your printer to make sure you print on both sides of the A4 sheet of paper so you can fold them in half after trimming the margins. Then all you have to do is to choose your favourite binding technique.

No watermarks and no shadows are included in the files.

*You will not receive any printed or physical product. This is a digital product.*


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