A Love Letter to Myself



We need to become that which we want to attract, for that reason, Self-Love is key to make sure we always attract the best ever in our lives.

Sometimes we think that we love ourselves enough yet we keep attracting people and situations that are not loving at all. Writing a Love Letter is a great exercise to practice self-love.

We can start with something like this, “Dear self, I love, accept and forgive myself totally and completely. I am sorry that I didn’t trust you (myself) on that occasion when my gut was yelling at me “something here is wrong, remove yourself from the situation.”…

You get the point.


When you download your printable file you will have to check the settings of your printer to make sure it prints right. For best results use an A4 sheet of paper and trim the margins.

No watermarks and no shadows are included in the files.

*You will not receive any printed or physical product. This is a digital product.*


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