The Need For The Solitary Path

The Need For The Solitary Path_Crystal Divine Alchemy

The spiritual journey is a very lonely one as we all are in different stages of our path and more often than not we have to withdraw from the rules and expectations of others in order to hear our own guidance.

We can only understand from our own perception and life experiences. Not everyone has the empathy to put themselves in other people’s shoes making the need to explain even worse. That’s when taking time off from other people’s opinions is the wisest thing we can do for ourselves and our spiritual journey.
It’s okay if no one understands your journey as it is yours alone.

In my own journey, I have used many tools given by others. I have listened from everyone and discarded all that didn’t serve me at any given time.
Somethings we are given jewels that we are unable to recognize as such at the moment that we receive them, that is not to say that it was wasted information as many times it takes years to fully grasp what you were really given. The good news is that the seed was left planted for me to harvest at the right moment.

The problem with the awakening process is that many of us don’t have access to our own memories of who we really are, hence why we need to gather information from the outside in order to recollect our memories and wisdom. As the filters drop we gain access to more and more information and sometimes the way we receive the information from within is in such small bits that we have to do some research. As we do that research we also have the opportunity to use discernment as to what is true for us and what’s not.

As spiritual beings, we come from different star systems, different dimensions thus we all perceive information from our own capability according to where we are in our journey, where we came from and what our mission is.
For that reason, the solitary path is essential in the process of acknowledging, release and integrating all information that we receive, either from within as from without.

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The Need For The Solitary Path_Crystal Divine Alchemy

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