How To Do Inner/Root Work

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 All situations and conditions in the outside world which affect your life are the reflections of your inner world. You cannot change the outside world without changing your inner world. It is your consciousness that creates your inner world. The quality of your life depends upon the level of your consciousness. Every success and failure is the reflection of your inner world even if you have no awareness of it.

Many energetic patterns that were passed on to us run our lives, we often carry the fears, wounds, projections, and rejections of other people without knowing it. If we don’t heal these patterns within us we will do the same to others.

For that reason, it’s very important to make a deep analysis of our habits, our surroundings and the behaviors of the people that we have constant and close contact with as they are the mirrors of our patterns. Dive deep into the beliefs that were passed to us through our parents/caregivers is not only essential but imperative. Writing down our thoughts, habits, and beliefs is a very important step for doing our inner work as it helps with clarity.

You cannot heal that which you have no awareness of. Discovering the name of your patterns will help you find the right information to understand them better to then start the healing process. And while outside help is many times required, remember that only you can heal yourself as only you can do your own inner work. No one can walk your path. No one can do the work for you, ever.

Most of the time we live like automatons, functioning on the pre-programmed conditionings of our minds built upon the plethora of self-sabotaging thoughts and emotions. Moreover, we are compelled to tote around this mental-baggage everywhere we go like our prized-possession, despite the stress and strain of it all. The burden lies heavy upon the soul, and we can hardly hear the soul’s plaintive cries for freedom over the uproar of our mental clamor.

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While you spend your life away looking outside for peace and happiness, and blaming people and situations for your sorrows, the enemy is hiding surreptitiously in some remote corner of your being, provoking you with anger, hatred, and fear so that you are never at peace with yourself. No one out there is responsible for whatever happens in your life. It is all about you and your subconscious mind.

Your spiritual responsibility beckons you to journey inward, beneath the gross layers of physicality, and to investigate with deeper introspection the activities of your mental body. Go within in quiet meditation and simply watch your thoughts. Initially, you will be overwhelmed as they will throng your mind like an unruly crowd, pushing and jostling each other for attention. Just stay calm and allow them to move on.

This exercise of watching your thoughts can be done daily for about five minutes. In time, you will find the strength of the unwanted thoughts diminishing until you are left with a mere trickle. The aim of this meditation is to still the mind from useless chatter.

Develop a habit of thinking constructively. Use your conscious-awareness to monitor the activities of your mind during the day. Put your mind on an invisible leash at all times. This means to be watchful of your thoughts, especially when the mind is an idle mode. Every negative thought that sneaks in must be stopped dead in its track, and replaced with those that live in your spirit. Your conscious-awareness acts as a guard against the intruding thoughts, which take root in the fertile bed of your subconscious mind and grow like wild weeds in a malicious tangle.

A well-disciplined mind is an asset to your well-being. The more creatively you use it, the better it will serve you. Illuminate it with the light of optimism; it deters the intrusion of negative thoughts. A dull mind is a bane to one’s existence and serves as a haven to the dark entities that use it to control you in the most destructive way possible.

Reformat your sub-conscious mind with positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are power-packed statements that help to erase old, destructive thought-patterns and form new, health-conducive ones. This will empower you to attract positive situations and loving relationships in your life.

Most importantly, live with the attitude of gratitude for your overall well-being. Thank the Universe for the haves and the have-nots in your life. Be grateful for the lessons that your enemies brought into your life for they gave you ample opportunities to practice the virtues of unconditional love, forgiveness, and compassion as they allow you to shed the layers of old and negative patterns. Inner work is the key to your spiritual freedom, radiant health, peace, and happiness.


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How To Do Inner/Root Work

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