Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Not everyone realizes the importance of goal setting, for some is because they don’t even consider the relevance of it.
For others might not be as easy as it seems because they lack the clarity of what is it that they want, but this can be gold. In this case, a great way to start is by knowing what is it that one doesn’t want, starting here is a fantastic way to achieve clarity.

Always start where you are and expand from there.

Goal setting can change your life, once you get clear about your goals you can then make the decision to bring them into manifestation.

It all starts with a decision, then it takes a commitment to do the work, no one can do the work but yourself.

You have to focus, to take one step at the time, sometimes we are talking baby steps, and then take inspired action.

Let me remind you of two Universal laws, the Law of Attraction responds to the Law of Vibration, so if you are vibrating lack and your goal is abundance the Law Of attraction can never deliver you abundance.
What are you vibrating? Here is where awareness is key.

Let me remind you of another thing, “Where thought goes energy flows” if your thoughts are clear of clutter and focused on your goal that’s where your energy will flow. If you keep your thoughts and words positive that’s what you have to attract. It’s the law.

Now, there is another thing that is of equal importance and that is our belief system. What limiting beliefs do you have that are preventing you from manifesting your goals?

Honestly, try to do the work:

Write your goals down.
Break it down into small steps.
Give yourself a deadline, if that works for you. Or start to accomplish one step after another by taking one aligned action at the time.

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