Crystal Divine Alchemy Communities

We are now creating a Light Team of High-Consciousness volunteers

We are now creating a Light Team of High-Consciousness volunteers

We want to create self-sufficient communities. We all need to start somewhere and at this point we have nothing but we are working to gather the money to buy land, where everything starts.

Many are waiting for an event to occur, for the spaceship/flying saucer to come and get them, or for a savior to come rescuing them… We are on the path of sovereignty and we are all responsible for creating our own sovereignty. We can come together and have it easier or you can find your own way… Your choice. If you think that you live alone and that you can do it on your own, good luck.

If you want to use your energy to make a difference by building a new way of living that is in harmony with Gaia, is fair and abundant for all, please get in touch.