Create Sacred Space – Outdoors

create Sacred Space - Outdoors

To create Sacred Space outdoors you don’t need much, a corner is all that you need.

I am living in a temporary place, so I’ve looked around to find what could I use to make a nice altar for the New Moon on January, 17th 2018.

I started gathering stuff and look at the picture how it turned out; a small wooden 2 step stool, a Buddha’s head that had some accident but was still around, some clay pots, a clay dish and nature does the rest for a beautiful scenery.

Create Sacred Space Outdoors

After that, I placed my Crystals that are travelling with me… Most of my crystal family is safely stored waiting for me to find my own permanent place so they can join me… And here is the result.

Create Sacred Space Outdoors

The Universe resolved to bless my Altar with a very light rain, after that my crystals were blessed with the moonlight, then they finally received the beautiful sunlight on the following day. I can tell you that they were really happy!

Some close-up pictures:

create sacred space outside create sacred space outside create sacred space outdoor Create sacred space outside

After the set up I said my prayers, I did my activations and my gratitude practices. Then it was time to enjoy it all in a meditation time.

In the next day, these babies also got to enjoy charging under the sunlight.

create sacred space outdoor create sacred space outdoor, outdoors, outside create sacred space outdoors, outside

As I said, because this is not my own place I had to remove everything in the next day, so I made a small indoors set up to create a crystal grid with my intentions.

Have a look,

create sacred space indoors

My New Moon Checks, a 13 stone crystal grid made with 6 Andara stones and 7 crystal tumbled stones, my crystal pyramids and some of my skulls charged with my intentions.

create sacred space, altar, indoors

All this just to share with you that even if you don’t have the perfect conditions it is still possible to create sacred space under temporary conditions or in a place that is not permanent. And when all fails my heart is the best place ever to create sacred space.

I hope that you found some inspiration to make sacred space whether is indoors or outdoors.

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In Love & Gratitude,

Create Sacred Space - Outdoors

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