Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

Benefits of the Ketogenic diet, healthy fat

A Ketogenic diet is a low carb diet, in the first stage, and a very fat-rich diet, after the initial period of 3 months or so, it’s good to add some carbs back into your diet. So you could do 4 or 5 days of Ketogenic diet and on the other days have carbs added to your diet.

In the initial stage of the ketogenic diet, the consumption of fat is about 75% and 25% protein. In the second stage you can swap 5% or so of fat for carbs.

As our brain is mostly made of fat and cholesterol, in the ketogenic diet the body stops burning sugar for energy and instead it burns fat that creates ketones. Ketones are brain fuel, for that reason you will experience more mental clarity.

Benefits of the Ketogenic diet:

  • Weight Loss. When your body starts burning fat for energy you experience weight loss.
  • Hormone Balance. Ketogenic diet regulates the insulin hormone. Estrogen, progesterone, cortisol are also balanced.
  • Boost brain health. When your body goes into ketosis you gain mental clarity, brain fog clears up. Many people even experience spiritual awareness and emotional breakthroughs.
  • Heart health. With the consumption of healthy fats and no or little carbs, inflammation is reduced and better heart health is experienced.

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Please be aware that:

  • As your body is detoxing from sugar you can experience addiction withdrawal symptoms also called Keto flu.
  • It’s very important to make sure that you are getting nutrients, vitamins, and mineral in abundance by eating a lot of vegetables high in electrolytes. Consume plenty of celery, cucumber, green beans, lemons and so on.
  • Also, add as much chlorophyll and leafy greens as you can.
  • If you are a meat-eater, try getting only organic, grass-fed meat, and this is true for any healthy diet as most meat is filled with antibiotics and other nasty stuff.
  • Add plenty of water.
  • Skip exercise so your body can adapt to the new form of getting energy.

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Best healthy fat foods:

Do not consume:

  • Processed foods as most are filled with sugars and syrups.
  • Any type of grain, in the first stage of the diet.
  • Sugar
  • Alcohol



Watch Dr. Berg answering some Q&A about the Ketogenic diet


Benefits of the Ketogenic diet

Benefits of the Ketogenic diet_tookool_tribe 2Benefits of the Ketogenic diet_tookool_tribe_greenBenefits of the Ketogenic Diet

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